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[BeliOn9] Oriental Dry Noodle 华阳手工板面 - Original

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Oriental Dry Noodle (Original) ⁡🍜 ⁡ Made with premium quality grade raw ingredients. ⁡ ⁡ Our Pan Mee offers the perfect springy bite, paired with an exquisite blend of Oriental Condiments made with only the freshest ingredients. Making the entire noodle dish much more enticing!  ⁡ ⁡ Couple with Crispy-Licious Fried Anchovy and Fried Onions, bringing out a perfect springy bite, crispy and full-flavored taste! 😋⁡ ⁡ Cooking Instruction: ⁡ 1. Place noodles into boiling water, and cook for 6 minutes on medium-high heat.⁡ 2. Drain the noodles, stir well with the sauce.⁡ ⁡ Storage: ⁡ Store in a cool, dry place. Please consume immediately after opening the packaging. ⁡ ⁡ Additional Tips: ⁡ For Better Flavours, could be served with Half-Boiled Egg, Minced Meat, Fried Onions & Fried Anchovies etc side dishes.⁡ ⁡ Net Weight:⁡ 100g +-⁡ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⁡ 手工板面(原味)⁡🍜 ⁡ ✨鲜香十足,适合喜爱原汁原味的您⁡ ⁡ 甄选优质原料自制而成。⁡ ⁡ 进口优质高筋面粉搭配小麦,制作出面筋顺滑,Q弹爽口的传统手工板面!⁡ ⁡ 特别精心调制的华阳干捞酱料、香脆江鱼仔、炸洋葱等一同拌匀,捞一捞,与板面形成了无与伦比的绝妙搭配!😋⁡ ⁡ 烹饪方式:⁡ 1. 水烧开后放入面条,中大火煮 6 分钟即可捞起。⁡ 2. 沥干面条,与酱料翻拌均匀即可食用。⁡ ⁡ 保存方式:⁡ 请存放在常温阴凉处,避免阳光照射,开封后请尽快食用。⁡ ⁡ 美妙搭配:⁡ 可随意搭配半熟蛋,肉碎,炸洋葱或江鱼仔等配菜一起干拌,风味更佳!⁡ ⁡ 净重:⁡ 100g +-

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