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[BeliOn9] Oriental Traditional Kaya 华阳传统香椰咖椰

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Oriental Traditional Kaya🥥 Finest natural ingredients🌿, precise slow fire brewing with around 5 hours. Giving it uniquely rich & caramel flavour, which also makes its texture smooth and fluffy😋 Storage: 1. Store in a cool, dry place. 2. Once Opened, keep refrigerated 3. Consume within 3 weeks after opening Net Weight: 270g 华阳传统香椰咖椰  🥥 Finest natural ingredients🌿,慢火自制熬煮5个小时!经慢火熬煮的咖椰,散发着焦糖的独特香味、椰子浓郁滋味、也赋予咖椰本身的细滑香甜口感😋 储存方法: 1. 请置于阴凉通风干燥处 2. 打开后,请置于冰箱里 3. 打开后务必在3个星期内食用完毕 净重: 270g

What’s in the box: 1 x [BeliOn9] Oriental Traditional Kaya 华阳传统香椰咖椰

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